Slim Fit Levi's Denim XS

$120.00 On Sale

Size XS

Beautiful dark wash newer slim fit XS Levi's jacket, design is festival/ nature inspired

Each MindWerl jacket is hand picked by me from vintage and second hand shops, where I look for denim that has both character and quality.

Next, I spend hours hand painting the design, crafting each jacket into something that not only becomes an original statement piece, but carries a unique story contained in the design on the back.
I try to create images that I feel will resonate with people, so that when you get the jacket it will already feel like it belongs on your back.

This is a push back against the fast n' cheap trendiness of fashion, my goal is to create pieces that will last you a lifetime and set you apart from the crowd.

When you purchase a MindWerl jacket, you're not just getting something to wear, you're also getting a lovingly crafted unique piece of artwork. Each jacket is also and original painting.

This jacket is painted with Tulip brand fabric painty and is completely washable
(Wash on cold and hang dry)

NOTE: Some international countries have additional import charges, these are not included in my shipping price, please make sure you know if your country has import charges before you order!

Thank You!